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February 30 in 30 - Day 1

How beautiful was my wedding bouquet?

I was so inspired by the colors that I created some mini abstracts for my soiree centerpieces. My husband, Brice, and I were married in Provence, France on May 19, 2017 and then returned to Charleston for a reception in early June. This gave me a little time to put a special, creative touch on the decor.

Perhaps you're like Brice and just want me to get to the point. This is supposedly a post about my first daily 30 in 30 painting after all.

Okay, okay I just like to give a little background to help my audience get the full picture. I'm an artist. I'm a visionary. I always think "big picture" first. I can't help it.

(click image to view details and for option to purchase)

Notice what I did here?

Yep, this is that centerpiece abstract... with an OYSTER on top.

I just wrapped up STRADA Easel's January 31-Day Painting from Life Challenge, and I spent a good portion of the month studying oysters.

This mini abstract caught my attention in the corner of my studio and I was in the mood to play. And playing is just what I did.

It was fun to let the mineral spirits run to create an interesting bleeding effect and to put a few watercolor pencil marks here and there. I am kind of liking the result.

Hmmmmm there are a few more mini abstracts from the soiree over in my studio corner. I'm pretty sure I know what Day 2 of this 30 in 30 will be. Stay tuned!

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