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Grow & Show Materials List

Gamblin *Professional Grade* 37 mL oil paints –

white, a warm and cool of each primary (red, yellow, blue) and a neutral  yellow  

Suggested colors for a limited palette: 

Titanium White 

Cadmium Yellow Medium (warm) 

Cadmium Lemon Light (cool) 

Cadmium Red (warm) 

Quinacridone Red (cool red/pink) 

Ultramarine Blue (warm) 

Pthalo Blue (cool) 

Yellow Ochre (earthly neutral for wash in and sketch) 

*You will learn to make all other colors, including black  

3 Panels or Canvases: 

11”x14 Centurion Oil Primed Linen or Fredrix PRO Belgian Linen panels OR

Professional Grade Level 3 Artist Loft stretched canvas 

(NO cheap canvases! Must bring professional brands/levels. You’ll thank me later! Promise!)



filberts of various sizes such as  4, 6, 8, 10 and 12  

Flats and rounds are great too, but you must have at least 2 filberts (preferably sizes 8 and 10).

Suggested brands: 

Silver Brushes – Bristlon OR Grand Prix styles 

Princeton Aspen 

Rosemary and Co 

Jack Richeson Grey Matters 

Additional Supplies:

Gamblin Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits) + a can or jar with lid for your spirits (THE BEST LEAK PROOF ONE)

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel (optional paint thickener)  

Viva paper towels (the best/most absorbent)

Small bag for dirty paper towels


*Quality is important for brushes, panels/canvases and paints. You don’t want to feel discouraged right out the gate due to  poor quality tools. My favorite local store for these quality materials is Artist and Craftsman as they have frequent sales + in  person assistance + no shipping fees/no waiting time. My favorite online store is Jerrys Artarama and they offer amazing deals  year round. They often offer FREE shipping if you purchase a certain amount and their shipping speed is typically like Amazon PRIME- super FAST!

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