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Packed and Live

What an exciting week in my little art world!

My plein air gear is packed and ready for a road trip to Orange County, NC for Paint it Orange: Plein Air Paint-Out. I'll be painting all over Hillsborough, Chapel Hill and Carrboro Wednesday-Friday followed by a Wet Paint Sale at Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery on Friday night. I'm anxious to paint new views and to meet other plein air artists.

Taking advantage of new opportunities and connecting with other creatives is what my artistic journey has been all about since leaving teaching 2.5 years ago. I've come a long way in the pursuit of living out my real passion, but it's really just the beginning...

And it starts with going LIVE this week! My portfolio represents the energy I feel from my surroundings which I find that I can best express visually. I have spoken, but I still have a lot more to say and I can't wait to keep sharing.

Packed and Live it is... and feeling oh so alive!

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