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Why Clouds?

Clouds are our Ultimate Creator's opportunity to show us how artsy He is in His design.

Clouds are unique and not always accessible... enjoy them while they last because even when you do spot some that give you heart eyes, THEY'RE ON A MOVE. Clouds, the really B I G, bountiful ones are worth the wait though. Clouds remind me of children looking up to see an elephant or a toy truck... the former 1st grade teacher in me is all about children and imagination. I went into teaching 10 years ago for a reason, but I'm 100% where I'm meant to be now. Painting (clouds in particular) fuels me... children, after time, drain me. And every "homeschool" Mama says AMEN! Clouds may hold some rain, but that's okay because every good story has some "rain"... it makes the ending that much more "happy". Teaching and burning out HARD plus other personal pain from my past have been rain storms in my life, but they make my now that much more vibrant... think RAINBOW! Growth is what this life is all about. Clouds move me! Growth is moving! (Growth... ahhhhh cue "Flower Duet" by Leo Delibes and insert me in a sunflower field with my easel. Then sit me in front of my laptop typing my next post: Why Flowers?) ...Clouds move! I am on a MOVE.

And those would be the thoughts that flooded my mind during Quarantine and typed into the notes app on my phone. I love having the words that match the moving in my heart for CLOUDS. And while Quarantine had this social butterfly a bit jittery when all of her friends and social events were stripped away, I was blessed with a world that was quiet enough for me to really hear from my Knowing.

"I'm On a Move" 48" x 36" oil is my largest cloudscape to date. Those clouds moved me.... artistically and spiritually. I avidly share my move with you. It's available and on display at Mitchell Hill in Charleston, SC.

Were you moved in a special way during Quarantine? Every teacher (past or present) loves a good story...


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