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Behind My Paintings: The Cheerful Helper

Ok so you know how Cal, in the movie, Crazy Stupid Love, calls his wife (and the teacher!) the perfect combination of sexy and cute?

Well today I’m sharing with you that the one behind my paintings is the perfect combination of caring and cheerful. (NOT to be confused with I AM PERFECT... Lord help us, no.)

Caring and cheerful. That’s what my Enneagram says anyway.

I’m a high 2 in the Enneagram world which means I’m “The Helper”. I love showing love by giving of my services. Whatever you need, I’ll try my best to help. Maybe it’s my time, my listening ear or the sharing of a helpful resource. Need a link to a book or webinar I loved? Oh girl, I’ll stop right now and email it to ya even if it means it’ll make me 5 minutes late to my meeting. (See? Not perfect. Always running 5-10 minutes late - although usually for some good reason - is not something I’m most proud of nonetheless.) Ok back to the caring thing... I was a 1st grade teacher for a reason. (In this case, I cared too much and burnt myself out. Currently working on that work + life BALANCE.) But just because I closed my classroom door five years ago (Woah! Already?!) doesn’t mean I closed the door to my heart. I’ll bend over backwards in yoga class and for YOU, friend. I want to be remembered most for my caring heart.

Spring of 2015... one of the most pivotal seasons of my life.

I shut my classroom door after 5 years to take a leap of faith into Charleston's creative community. The ole teacher/Enneagram #2 in me would love to encourage anyone through a transition.

Call on me, friend. I truly care to help or at least be a listening ear when I can.

Right behind my score for Enneagram 2 is 7... “The Enthusiast”. I put my pom poms down in high school, but just as much as I love showing you that I care, you better believe I love showing that I’m cheering you along. Too bad there’s already a podcast called “Creative Pep Talk” by Andy J. Pizza because that’d be the perfect title if I had one. (I do dream of one day having a Podcast or writing a book... one that cheers others along of course.) I love cheering others along, especially other creatives! I believe in community over competition. I want to bring light and joy to those around me... through my actions, words and maybe just maybe (fingers crossed) my art.

I've always had a thing for cheering on others. I didn't need to Enneagram test to tell me this. It just affirmed the who and gave me insight into the why + how I respond in positive and negative mindsets. Neat stuff, I tell ya.

There ya have it, the one behind my paintings: The Cheerful Helper.

So tell me... what's your Enneagram? I DO care to listen after all. No idea? You gotta carve out some time to do this quick(ish) test. It'll be a $12 well spent. You'll be blown away by all the information your # reveals about you at the core. Let me know if we share a common #! :)


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