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Abstract painting is like unwrapping a gift from my sister... I don't know what it's going to be, but I know it's going to be something that gives me all the good feels.

Devon: my sister, my bestie, my Matron of Honor, my creative companion

Painting from life, whether it be setting up a still life inside of my shadow box or setting up my plein air gear next to a nearby marsh, the composition, colors and value are planned within the first few minutes of the process in response to the view before me as a guideline. With abstract painting, I may pre-plan my color palette, but the product is "unwrapped" bit by bit with each brushstroke.

I am excited to present my first abstract series which consists of 13 abstracts "unwrapped" in my studio in November.

I am always looking to the artists that I admire most to help me continue growing in my artistic direction. Here is Carol Marine's thoughts on painting in a series:

"...when I'm staring at one subject (or a set of subjects) for a while they often inspire or lead to more ideas about the same (hey, what if I tried this?!). They build off each other. Each one presents a new challenge but uses the skills I've been honing. And lastly, my best paintings are very rarely one-off - they are almost always a part of a series of the same subject, theme, idea, or other. I may not post all of them, because they might not have all worked out, but I did them, and they made me better."

Carol offering me instruction at her workshop in Provence, France

in May 2017 (This experience will be a whole other blog post coming soon!)

So there you have it... my first of many series to come!

UNWRAPPED will be released and available for purchase on my site today, Wednesday, December 6 at 10AM.

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