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Paintings and Poppies:

My Carol Marine Workshop in Provence, France

Carol Marine Instruction

South of France

Carol Marine's paintings GIVE ME LIFE! Her brushwork and energy are just incredible! I discovered her on Pinterest in late 2015... oh the power of social media. I'm willing to bet that I have more Carol Marine paintings pinned for inspiration than the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has lights! (Tis the season!)

I read her book, Daily Painting, summer of 2016. This book is the Bible of art books right here, y'all! Fellow Artists: Click for the best $16.87 you'll ever spend!

Watching Carol demo each day nearly made me pee my pants! She brought to life her fabulous teachings from her

book with such sincerity and charisma.

How about this view!?

The workshop was hosted in the gorgeous Chateauneuf de Gadagne in Provence with this as our view for 10 days. We also traveled to various villages and countrysides for exploring, shopping and painting (of course!).

Painting in Saint-Remy-de-Provence where Vincent van Gogh studied in the 1800s! ! So surreal!

This value finder tool is a MUST! (Click ^ to shop Art Essentials, artist friends!)

Eeeeeek! Carol's back for more one-on-one instruction!!

While I'm on a roll with all this free advertising:

STRADA is the best of the best in plein air equipment! It's durable, lightweight and it makes all the other students drool. (Click ^ to shop their amazing package deal which is what I ordered before this trip.)

Everything from my gear to my instructor to the views helped me to cross off Bucket List item # 1 with a bang !!!

My submitted review of my "Workshops in France" experience:

Julie, Shirley and Belinda made a rockstar team as they put together an amazingly organized, adventurous and engaging workshop in France with one heck of a rockstar instructor, Carol Marine. Carol is a brilliant artist AND teacher who's willing to share every single thing she knows for the benefit of others - you don't always find that combo. This workshop ranks Top 5 most amazing experiences of my life.

(Click Wooden Door ^ by workshop hostess, Julie Snyder,

for info on "Workshops in France" 2018 offerings)


And to top it all off...

Mr. and Mrs. Peper said "I DO" in Provence, France

at the end of it all!

Paintings... Poppies... Phenomenal !!!

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