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Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

January 3, 2018 is a day us Charlestonians will be telling our grandkids about one day. It SNOWED! In Charleston, SC! A lot! So much so that you could build a snowman or go sledding (on your boogie board) down the biggest hill we have downtown.

the Citadel Charleston snowman snow

snow sledding Hampton Park

I enjoyed playing photographer in my neighborhood by the Citadel and along Upper King Street. Below you'll see some of my favorite (lucky) shots, but ultimately I'll leave that art to my sister.

I also enjoyed painting out in the snow in Hampton Park in my neighborhood.

Okay, I'm lying. I didn't really enjoy it because I was FREEZING! I mean I'm "freezing" at 60 degrees! I really just did it to say that I did.

What was the last "did it to say I did it" opportunity you last jumped on? Worth it?

For me, painting in the snow was totally worth it. Even worth the numb hands and the chapped lips! I mean, I may never get the chance to paint in the snow in Charleston ever again. Plus, it's a new year and you need a good challenge to kick off the year, right?

strada easel Hampton Park snow painting

Don't compare the scene to the painting too hard now. It was more about saying YES to the challenge than it was dominating it. Although, I am not hating the abstract-like approach as a result of my quick, gotta get outta here brushstrokes.

American Theater upper King Street Charleston snow

My FAVE from my King Street photoshoot!

The Darling upper King Street Charleston snow

The Darling Oyster Bar on the corner of King and Morris looking so darling in the snow.

upper King Street Charleston snow

I kept trying to get 18 on that crosswalk countdown sign for 2018. After missing it at least 4 times, I settled for 37 thanks to this lady in her pop of yellow that just seemed right for the composition.

The Ordinary upper King Street Charleston snow

The Ordinary at King and Cannon was looking anything but ordinary on a Wednesday in Charleston. And the guy in the red coat definitely met his 10,000 steps goal. I also spotted him in photos of a local photographer down by the Battery.

downtown charleston style home red trim in snow

Love how this red trim just had an extra pop in the snow!

My fave house shot from my walk in my neighborhood.

lowndes grove palmetto trees snow

I've studied this marsh view by Lowndes Grove Plantation a number of times. What a delight to see it in a blanket of white!

Here's my first studio painting from my snowy photo references. It was "snow" much fun!

"Palmetto Snow" 9" x 12" oil on birchwood is available for purchase on my website (click image for details).


Sooooo.... Do you wanna build a snowman?

Oh wait. It's 70 today! (Oh Charleston!)

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