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Avocados Be Like...


I came across this image on Pinterest and it made me LOL. Boy did I learn the truth in this when studying avocados during my January 31-Day Painting From Life Challenge put on by STRADA Easel.

This image also reminded me of 3 specific "ah ha" moments that came on Day 14 while painting this stinker of a subject.

(Seriously, look at that nonsense!)

I included the salt n pepper shakers and the hand towel in the composition, but ended up wiping them off with mineral spirits for two reasons:

1) I was working too hard to make the shakers read "shakers".

2) Sometimes you just realize that less is MORE.

I was pleased with my decision to wipe and keep the focal point on the real subject I was studying at the time.

So what were my "ah ha" moments?

"Ah ha" moment #1:

My wiping shouldn't be mistaken for weakness or insecurity.

Only confident, problem solvers know when to stop and wipe for the better of the painting.

Sometimes I wipe the whole thing completely. And that's okay too. Not all practice is meant to be recorded and up for sale.

"Ah ha" moment #2:

Ohhhhh wait a minute!!! This could also be applied to life. Is there anything in your life that you should wipe away? Not in weakness, but in strength...

It was an "ah ha" message for myself. And I feel certain a message for someone else out there too.

Think about it...

A toxic relationship?

A _______ that has taken busy to BUSY?

A bad habit?



A lie?



It just got real up in here, y'all. And I'd like to challenge you to do some soul searching and if there's a tingle in your gut, WIPE _______ AWAY!!!


A few days passed and then...

"Ah ha" moment #3:

I decided that it'd be best to add a little something back to the top of this piece in order to create a little more balance in the composition. And then my "ah ha" moments came FULL CIRCLE in the life application aspect.

What if we "wipe away" the _______ in strength and add something healthier or happier back into our lives to create some B A L A N C E !!

So I'd now like to announce that

my SELF HELP BOOK will be released on...


Just an artist here with the heart of a former teacher... the heart of a forever encourager.

(Click image for FINAL painting details and option to purchase)

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