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I'm On A Boat


Giving a whole new meaning to this SNL throw back song...

Plein air painting on the bow of a fishing boat... looks like a breeze, huh?

Yeah more like OMG that "breeze" just sent my easel OVERBOARD!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily Captain Peper was there to help save the day!

easel and tripod ✔

side tray 1 ✔

side tray 2 ✔

Gessobord panel ✔

Whew! We recovered it all!

*And I must add, I've never been more proud to be a STRADA owner. This salt water ain't got nothing on my aluminum STRADA gear!*

(STRADA is not sponsoring me to give this honest, positive review. But hmmmm that's a thought. ;)

A palette knife doubles as a pluff mud scraper, just FYI.

Okayyyyyy, now back to business.

I always sketch out my composition and and identify my values before mixing up my colors and dancing with brushwork. (Note to self: Not so much dancing that you rock the boat.)

I don't always hold onto my easel, but - well - you know...........

Oh and I'd like to mention that this adventure was one of the highlights of my

1st wedding anniversary weekend with my husband in McClellanville, SC (minus the initial scare, of course). I mean, we were spending time together, just in our own elements. No pretending to be having a blast holding a fish rod. And painting while working on my tan!? #winning

I'm already excited about our next "fishing" trip... we'll just throw an additional anchor onto the boat just in case.

So basically, I have a new anthem for any obstacles painting in the open air may bring. Knats, rain, Lowcountry heat, gusts of wind... you can't stop me from my plein air adventures.

I GET KNOCKED DOWN... (sing it with me)



"But I Get Up Again"

9" x 12" oil on gessobord

11" x 14" framed

(click image to view on my site)


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