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2019... A BIG Part of My Dream

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I started 2019 with written goals. I'd heard it makes a difference. Looking back on the year, I'd say it certainly does! In fact, most of my goals that were achieved ended up being even more than envisioned. The year 2019 was a BIG part of this dream of mine to continue developing into a full time artist.

Creating Field & Flow A Plein Air Painting Retreat hosted in my in-laws vacation home in McClellanville, SC is the perfect example. I knew that I wanted to build a retreat to host in the spring of 2019 featuring oil instruction by my friend, Marissa Vogl, but I didn't even dream up the rest. The spring retreat FILLED within a few months!! Like what? This retreat had never happened before. I had no reviews to share or proof it'd be a success. I was thrilled to have 9 students willing to give it a chance. It ended up being SUCH a success that I decided one in the fall was a must. My friends Shannon and Jennifer, twin sisters of Anglin Smith Fine Art, agreed to teach and we again filled a successful retreat. There was even a spring attendee who returned in the fall! It would have been TWO if the other wouldn't have ended up with a personal matter that made her have to back out. Wow! Just wow.

I am currently working on filling my third retreat! Building a community of artists and showing some southern hospitality while learning from some of the best oil painters around is right up my alley. I see lots of convos and paint a flowin' for many years to come with Field & Flow!

Workshops in France crew!

Painting in France was an experience I'll cherish forever. I attended Carol Marine's workshop via Workshops in France in spring 2017 and really hit it off with the team. I was thrilled when they asked me to come to the Jane Hunt workshop as a crew member (this came with some pretty sweet perks) in spring of 2019. Being behind the scenes was so beneficial as I continue to develop my retreat.

Not only did I enjoy being on crew, but I also learned so much from Jane. She was an INCREDIBLE teacher. It was evident that she truly cared about her students. In my review of her instruction, I stated that her passion and teaching skills are as magnificent as stumbling upon a field of poppies in full bloom in the south of France. Serioulsy! Both MA-NIF-I-CENT!

France continued! I spent an additional week in Paris where I was lucky to have a husband fly in to join me and supported my museum hopping and café painting in between all the wine, cheese and hunt for the next Michelin Star restaurant.

The plan is to return to France this summer as crew again for Workshops in France! Pinch me!

Another summer of art camp at the Gibbes Museum? Yes, please! I love opportunities to put my teacher hat back on. This was also an experience that was more than expected. I taught six weeks which I quickly realized was biting off a little more than I could chew. I didn't get to paint nearly as much as I envisioned. A group of 18 kids for 8 hours... how did I forget the amount of energy that takes out of you? It served a great purpose, though, by confirming that as much as I still love teaching, my heart is ultimately with MY creating these days.

I'll be back this summer, but I think my 4 weeks will be just enough to adequately get my teacher fix. Practicing balance in 2020 thanks to this lesson in 2019! A lesson with a blessin'. (Rhyming. It's that first grade teacher still in me I guess. ;)

It was a goal to start submitting to more artist calls in 2019. Submitting was the goal. Just try! The worst that can happen is a no, right? But then "Welcome Clouds" got accepted into the 31st Annual South Carolina Juried Arts Competition! It hung at the Pickens Museum of Art and History for the months of November and December. Ok yeah, there really must be some magic that happens when writing down goals. While it didn't win an award, I was still honored to be a part of the show and it gives me the confidence and eagerness to keep submitting to calls. You can't get in if you never submit, right? And, hey, sometimes you just might really get in!

I obtained my first cooperate collector in 2019 and honestly that wasn't even on the list of goals. Had I known how amazing it'd feel to know my work is hanging in a children's hospital, then I would have put it down. Like I didn't even know to dream this dream! I'm thrilled that "In Good Spirits" now hangs in one of the waiting rooms of the MUSC Shawn Jenkin Children's Hospital. I hope that it brings some hope and cheer to those enduring heartache while in the hospital.

Starting 2019 by creating, filling and hosting a successful first painting retreat was sweet! Ending 2019 with a second gallery was the cherry on top! I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the stellar Stellers Gallery family in Jacksonville, Florida. They welcomed me in to do a live painting and they're already selling my work with just a little over a month in. I love their communication, warmth and desire to sell, sell, sell! Woooo hoooo!!! Make that a chocolate covered cherry on top! ;)

Ok real talk. Because we're friends, right?

I often struggle with so much alone time in this profession and shaking off the Enemy's doubt that creeps in when I paint a series of what I call "wipers". I could honestly write an entire post on these struggles. Maybe one day. Struggles aside, I am grateful for these God winks that came with 2019... they were all confirmation that I'm indeed on the right path to building my dream! After all, it took a BIG leap of faith to trust His calling out of teaching and into this creative journey. The year 2019 truly played a BIG part in my dream.

You better believe I have my 2020 goals written down too.

Let's do this!


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