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Focus: A Word, A Lifestyle, A Painting

It started with an idea in an email. It ended up as a painting. Here is the story of how my most unique and gratifying commission to date was born.

Let's start with the email. Here's a portion of it from this collector...

"I’ve been praying for God to give me a “theme”/“idea” that sets the tone for 2019 and gives me something to grow in. I’m not very good at hearing what God has to say on a daily basis, but I feel like “focus” keeps coming up in my heart for something I need to work on. I was listening to a Seacoast sermon and Pastor Greg spoke on Philippians 1:9-11. I’m trying to make that life verse for 2019 because Paul talked about how, above all else, we have to focus on Jesus.

.... I was wondering if you have any paintings available to purchase or are in the process of painting that you feel represent the idea of focus? I would love to have a piece for our house that reminds me of it, even in an abstract way."

Oh my heart! While I did not really have anything on hand that I thought would represent "focus", I knew that this would be a request I'd joyfully fulfill. I immediately emailed her back with my idea. I had a vision of my favorite spot on Sullivans Island. Station 12 is on the far west end of the island with a view of the Ravenel Bridge and the Holy City in the distance. While the hustle and bustle of the city isn't "bad", it is best to stay "focused" and at peace in the midst of His creation while on the beach.

Just as quickly as the idea rushed over me and I shared, this collector felt it was surely the answer to her idea!

Here's a quick clip of me gathering inspiration for this painting.

While I truly believe that art has a special place in our culture, there's just something special about giving deeper meaning behind a piece making it feel more like a need for the soul verses just another beautiful luxury. Perhaps it's the former teacher in me that finds it so gratifying knowing that my work is making a deep impact and/or serving as an important reminder for a way of life.

I'd like to introduce to you...


12" x 16" oil/ canvas

14.75" x 18.75" framed

Do you have a word for 2019?

Do you have an idea you feel should be put onto canvas?

I am always happy to hear your vision and talk through a possible painting.

Feel to check out my commissions info on my site and email me at

if you'd like to move forward.

It'd be such an honor to bring your vision (or future vision) to life for you.


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