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Big Fake Wedding, Big Real Fun

I recently had a super fun opportunity being the featured live wedding painter at the Big Fake Wedding, a bridal show alternative, that travels nation wide. The Big Fake Wedding is exactly what it sounds like... BIG and fake. It is a wonderful way for future brides to see local wedding vendors in action during a fake ceremony and reception.

In addition to contributions to the event, vendors have a small table to greet attendees and give out promotional materials much like your typical bridal show.

As a vendor, it's not only exciting to showcase what you can offer the future Mr. and Mrs., but it is also a neat opportunity to connect with other local wedding vendors.

These flowers! Drooling!

Pinterest board worthy all the way!

A speciatly beverage bar in a chic vintage bus! Oh my!

Seriously? What an extravagant showcase! It was honor to be a part of it all.

I love doing what I do every day of the week, but there is something even more magical about capturing the love in the air as a visual memory for a newly committed couple F O R E V E R !

I prefer capturing the "view" of the "I do".

Are you a future bride or know someone in the planning stages? I'd love to hear from you! I'll tell you more about the sizes that I offer for on site events and what you can expect from me throughout the entire process.

Click the link below to check out all of my new Big Fake Wedding vendor friends and what they also have to offer in the Charleston area.

In a flash, your most special day will be behind you. What will you include to keep the memories vivid and exciting to share for many years to come?


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