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My Fave Plein Air Tools Part ll

I recently asked my sister to name her TOP 5 baby items.

She blessed me with my first niece, Penelope Joy Luce, 2 months ago. <3

Best nap ever during my Auntie visit/work trip here in Jacksonville, FL this week.

Painting is my baby for now... here are 4 of my TOP tools!

1) Tube wringer

There's not much worse than having to stop the creative flow to fight with a tube of paint that's running low. This tool is a must for your flow's sake! I got mine from Jerry's Artarama. It's not the most expensive one, but it's certainly not the cheapest/lowest quality. Click here to purchase.

2) S hook

This is the perfect little guy for holding your odorless mineral spirits (OMS) can. It frees ups your palette space for more room to mix colors (less space taken up if the can is sitting on your palette,) I got a pack of 4 of these for $.97 at Walmart.

3) a reusable bag

You have to have a place for alllllllllllll of your dirty paper towels to go. I used to use plastic grocery bags. But I am attempting the "less plastic" thing here and it DOES feel good (and smart!). I got this bag as a swag bag thanks to Paint It Orange Plein Air Paint Out which I attended last fall in Orange County, NC. (I plan to go again next fall if you're a plein air painter and you'd like to join me!)

I love that my tripod has a little hook making the perfect bag handle holder.

4) Raymor Wet Painting Carrier

You gotta protect your creation(s) on the trip back home. I love using Raymar's genius carriers which are designed to hold up to 6 wet panels. I have an 11" x 14" one, but they make them for lots of sizes. I want to purchase a 12" x 16" next because this is proving to be an even more comfortable size for me when painting en plein air.

I got mine on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

Putting all of my my fave tools to use as I painted out on Ponte Vedra Beach earlier this week.

I did a post last summer where I shared about my fave plein air easels, panels, brushes, paints and value finder. You can check that out here!


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